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Training in the use of cleaning lasers

The growing expectations and requirements of customers force companies to introduce changes and improvements in the processes of material treatment. Both lead time and the precision of processing as well as aesthetics of work influence customer’s satisfaction. Continuous development and improvement of skills including technological development increase the quality of our services. We conduct trainings in the use of advanced FANUCI cleaning lasers.

Laser processing of metal promotes automation

More and more processes in industrial companies are becoming automated. It is conducive to the increase of efficiency, significant reduction of work time and greater possibilities for adapting processes to particular conditions and materials. Laser technology and our laser cleaning machine are very well suited to this trend. The devices are equipped with a control system enabling setting of particular parameters of work. After programming the machine, it performs the work which an employee, who now serves the role of an operator, was responsible for earlier.
Automation of processes enables an industrial company to reduce the occurrence of errors. It is directly related to achieved results but also operating time because there is no need to introduce corrections. The laser cleaning machine is a device that allows for removing all the dirt from surfaces and their smoothing. It requires knowledge about the process of cleaning and operating mechanisms of the device as well as skills enabling its programming. You can learn these things during our training in the use of a laser cleaning machine.


A laser cleaning machine with a universal application

Laser cleaning is an alternative for traditional cleaning methods oriented on higher precision and economy. Laser operates contactlessly and non-invasively which allows for its application to very delicate and sensitive materials. The whole cleaning process is very hygienic, no additional tools and accessories, for example sandpaper are needed. This technology is environmentally friendly. Fumes and dust are automatically removed which results in a cleaner work place.
A great advantage of the leaning laser is its universal application. Both industrial companies and monument conservators participate in our trainings in the use of laser cleaning machines. They are a perfect solution for cleaning metal surfaces, for example after pre-processing of a material. Thanks to this the final product look much more aesthetically and is ready for the further use. It effectively removes oils and grease, graffiti, paints and other dirt. It is used for preservation and renovation of buildings. It can be safely applied to scale. What is more, it has found its application in the renovation of works of art including parchment and frescoes.


How does a training in the use of cleaning lasers look like?

Our training in the use of cleaning lasers lasts 2 days. It is divided into a theoretical and practical part and conducted by qualified specialists and operators of machines. The trainings usually take place in our machine park. However, upon request there is a possibility to conduct such a training in another location, for example in the customer’s headquarters. Our trainings in the use of cleaning lasers are organised individually or in groups. After completing the training, every participant receives a certificate.


After the completion of the training in the use of cleaning lasers a participant:

  1. Has the knowledge of laser cleaning and is able to use it in practice.

  2. Can operate a software of a laser cleaning machine.

  3. Efficiently operates a FANUCI laser cleaning machine.

  4. Analyses properly working conditions and adjusts the parameters of the laser to them in order to achieve the expected results of work.

  5. Can solve problems and correctly choose parameters of the device to tasks.


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