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Training in the use of a laser welding machine

The technology of metal processing is developing systematically. Replacing traditional welding methods you increase your chances for more effective, efficient and precise work. However, operating modern welding machines requires knowledge and skills due to their high level of technical advancement. Take advantage of our offer of trainings conducted with the use of innovative FANUCI laser welding machines.

Laser technology has changed standards in the industrial sector

The appearance of a laser in the area of metal processing has significantly revolutionised the process of material preparation for further processing. The laser made it faster, more precise and intuitive. However, in some industrial companies traditional welding methods are still in use, for example welding with tungsten inert gas, metal welding in an inert gas or spot welding. Deciding for changes, you simultaneously choose greater comfort of work, more satisfying effects and broader range of possibilities. Wherever a laser welding machine is used, the work is better organised, projects are realised faster, effects are more repetitive and joining of materials is more precise.
Laser welding machines are technologically advanced devices which enable far more automated process of joining materials. An operator is required to know the device well together with its parameters and capabilities of adjusting to pre-planned results of work. We will talk about all of it during the training in the use of a laser welding machine.


Laser welding equals higher precision

During laser welding the contact area is melted due to the usage of a laser beam in an inert gas shielding. High density of the beam results in the possibility of processing elements with the thickness up to 25mm. A great advantage of laser welding machines is the beam regulation. Thanks to this it can be perfectly adjusted to a particular material. The laser welding machine works on the thinnest materials always providing the same high precision. Less heat during the process of welding limits the risk of any deformations to the minimum. Work with the use of such a CNC machine results in faster operation. We manage to realise more projects in a shorter period of time which translates into a visible increase in efficiency. Consequently, first quite big investment brings significant savings and profits. The regulation of a beam size makes it possible to the laser welding machine to join even extremely thin and delicate materials.

How does the training in the use of laser welding machines look like?

The training in the use of laser welding machines lasts 2 days. One day is devoted to the theory and the other to practical classes. It is conducted by some experienced employees of MetFab, who operate FANUCI laser welding machines on a daily basis. We encourage you to decide for a training taking place in our machine park. However, if you prefer having an on-site training, we are ready to adjust. You decide if the training is conducted individually or in groups. After completing it, every participant receives a certificate.


After completing the training in the use of a laser welding machine the participant:

  1. Possesses the knowledge about general laser metal processing and is able to apply it into practice.

  2. Operates programmes for control of laser welding machines without making any mistakes.

  3. Operates the FANUCI laser welding machine.

  4. Can adjust particular parameters of a laser welding machine to work conditions and expected results.

  5. Effectively manages the operating time of the machine, which results in more efficient work;

  6. Analyses particular parameters of the laser welding machine and performs necessary measurements.


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