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Our trainings

We fully use the potential of our machine park, which is one of the pillars of our company. We possess modern devices of reputed brands which operating we teach current and future employees of companies. We provide full-time support. What’s more, we combine theory and practice, and verify gained knowledge so that the employee could be prepared as effectively as possible for work with a particular machine for metal processing after completing the training.


Get to know your benefits

Years of experience have taught us perceptiveness – we notice and understand the biggest and most detailed needs of our contemporary customers. Thanks to this our offer of trainings in the use of laser machines for metal processing is ideal for their expectations. We perform our tasks with the use of innovative machines produced by companies which we have trusted and kept loyal to. We combine theory with practice, answer questions, explain more difficult aspects and also support every participant of our training on their way of professional development.


Focused on practice

Each of our three trainings includes a practical section. Our goal is to maximally use the potential of every participant of a training so that they could obtain enough knowledge to efficiently, safely and intuitively operate a particular machine being confident and fully aware of their skills.


Skilful cooperation with a machine

After completion of the training, a participant not only can efficiently work with laser technologies, but also knows how to adjust them to particular working conditions and expected results. They perform precise measurements and are able to read all key parameters related to operating of the device.


Working only with the use of innovative CNC machines

All of our trainings are conducted with the use of innovative CNC devices. They are: TEKIO laser cutting machines, FANUCI laser cleaning machines and FANUCI laser welding machines. Our trainees have a chance to get to know the most efficient and precise machines for laser processing from the very beginning.


Flexible schedule

Our trainings last from 2 to 5 days depending on the needs of participants. What is more, they take place in our machine park or at the customer’s site. We arrange the dates individually so that the training would not negatively influence work in the company and current projects.


Training ends with receiving a certificate

After completion of the training in the use of laser machines, every participant receives a proper certificate.



Do you want to know more about our trainings? Are you interested in our offer? Would you like to gain some new knowledge or support your employees’ development? Contact out consultant in order to discuss details.

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