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Metal 3D laser printing service

MetFab Services provides a complex service of metal 3D laser printing in SLM and SLA technologies.

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In short

Our main goals is to provide optimum technical solutions to help customers achieve their final project whilst reducing production costs, improving efficiency and the quality of products, and creating added value. Thanks to our experience we are able to help at every conceptual stage.


A standard procedure of processing and performing metal 3D laser printing services.


An inquiry

After sending files via our available form, one of our engineers will present you with an offer. Usually it takes places within 24h.



After the approval of prices and the lead time of a service we begin the production of ordered elements.


Quality check

We make every effort to check every individually and mass-produced element for its compatibility with technological requirements.



After the completion of production, the elements are safely packed and sent to a customer by courier or through a parcel delivery locker.


Basic conceptional application of metal 3D laser printing


Concept and production process

3D laser printing could provide customers with final parts in a few days so that they could verify the concept of a project or pass them directly to usage. It could also enable them to acquire shorter time-to-market that their competitors.


Produkcja małych partii

3D laser printing used in the production of small batches has many advantages: high flexibility, fast printing, low cost, high precision and good quality of surfaces.


Visual verification

Thanks to 3D printing you can obtain a prototype in a very short time, which can be used for visual verification. It is crucial at the initial stages of industrial product designing. A 3D model of a product makes the design process run more intuitively. This method can quickly and effectively support companies in discovering defects in the design of a product at the early stages of production.


Project verification

The verification of a project includes assembly verification and functional verification. This process allows for quick verification of the product’s structure to check if the design is correct, functional and meets real technical requirements related to the product.


Advanced industrial application of metal 3D laser printing

  • 01Creation of prototypes
  • 02 Precise casting
  • 03Production of electronics
  • 04Cultural novelties
  • 05Aviation
  • 06Development of medicine
  • 07Stomatology
  • 08Architecture
  • 09Shoe industry
  • 10Education
  • 11Automotive industry

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